Data has become the centre of our lives. Whether we like it or don’t, the data we collect, store or share defines how future products and service will be envisioned, designed and ultimately produced and marketed.

The property management space is no different. As property managers, we collect enormous amounts of data every day. However, just collecting it does not serve any purpose. Data is a currency whose value only keeps on rising. In fact, not using it to make improvements puts you on a sure-shot path to not be aware of your client requirements or property’s health, needs and future requirements.

At the end of the day, our properties have needs too. They can be identified by collecting and analyzing the data that gets generated within them.  A property management organization that does not actively monitor or analyze critical KPI’s is the same as a ship navigating the oceans without a map.

The common challenges being faced by Property and FM Managers

As systems get more and more sophisticated, there is greater reliability on technology. Some of the manager’s biggest challenges are:

  • Disparate systems
  • Lack of effective metric communication systems
  • Lack of performance visibility

These challenges ultimately impact operational efficiency, decision making and further analysis.

The data that can help you streamline operations and plan for the future is as plain as the number of people that frequent your properties on any given day or as intricate as the HVAC consumption rate over specified durations or electrical utilization across sectors.

In modern real-estate infrastructure, energy efficiency has become a primary focus. One can’t successfully create a balanced building ecosystem without understanding the systems involved or their behaviour.

Since the amount of data we generate is so high, working with manual spreadsheets isn’t enough anymore. It leads to long decision-making processes that are ultimately ineffective because, by the time a decision is made, the scenario changed. It also leaves a lot of room for error, and in a day and age where accuracy and professionalism go hand in hand, property managers can never have a bad day.

data will shape the future of property management
Property Managers share their concerns with using a support technology. You can see that most understand the business value but aren’t sure how data management will be done effectively.

Property Managers share their concerns with using a support technology. You can see that most undertand the business value but aren’t sure how data management will be done effectively.

As a property management professional, operation streamlining systems (or apps) should already be your best friend at work. If they aren’t, it’s high time to upgrade! 

Operations support apps like Proptor can help you streamline your operations immediately while planning for the future. These systems are designed to record data and analyze and intimate the right path to a smooth operation a year down the line. They also make the property experience much better for both members and staff.

Does your existing property management solution offer you the benefits of data analysis and long-term intelligence? If it doesn’t, speak to our experts today and discover our innovative solution.

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