Managing business processes is probably one of the most difficult tasks in most organizations. Although business managers consider it to be a massive and expensive process, it shouldn’t be so! Additionally, process improvement is a necessary task, no matter the size of the business.

At its core, business process management (BPM) is the manner in which an organisation formulates, edits and analyzes the activities that make up the business. This may involve human resources and onboarding processes, process mapping, ad hoc audits, etc.

Improving these types of business processes eventually leads to a more streamlined organisation and a reliable management system.

The concept differs from task management or project management, which makes up a single or multiple elements in a more holistic plan. It is focused on repetitive and ongoing processes that have a common pattern.

When not looked at seriously, the end result is chaos. Data is inconsistent, people waste time, there is more room for error and eventually, the entire operation can fail.

The BPL cycle includes the following steps:

  1. Design of the entire process by breaking it down into smaller tasks
  2. Process modeling where the tasks are made into comprehensive BPM software elements
  3. Execution of the process
  4. Data collection and monitoring
  5. Lesson learning and optimization

There are numerous BPM systems in the market today. As a business user, you may be more comfortable with some systems over others. It is crucial for the business process management software to not only address all your needs but help in improving the business or at least put you on the path of continuous improvement.

Our unique BPM solution- Proptor helps you in streamlining and automating workflows, even if they are divided into numerous departments across different locations. From onboarding and recording mobile attendance to business process automation and insights, Proptor provides you with the tools you need to create a reliable, cloud-based, paperless environment.

To know more about the solution, reach out to us on our website. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for more news and updates.

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