A study carried out by independent research firm Verdantix outlined facility managers’ spending priorities in some of the world’s largest corporates. The results didn’t surprise us. Corporate real estate and facility management professionals have set their eyes on smart building technologies and operations management software and are looking to incorporate them to improve facility operations and create a more streamlined business process.

The company surveyed 304 real estate occupiers across 16 geographies and 18 different sectors. The companies were asked about their FM strategy, governance, operations processes, and budgets regarding technology inclusion. More than 30% of the participants expect their technology spending to grow by over 5%.

Additionally, some of the most critical aspects FM managers look to address with the help of technology are:

  • Improving the comfort levels of occupants (28%)
  • Minimizing risk and unnecessary expenditure on business operations (26%)
  • Reducing direct operating costs (16%)

The facility management sector continues to recover from the effects of COVID-19. With the digitization of processes across the board, companies (and the industry) stand to benefit from a more positive outlook from stakeholders, who will be more inclined to invest and upgrade systems and processes. 

Spending priorities for Facility Management Professionals at some of the world's largest firms

The surveyed facility managers went on to describe how important streamlining their operations was from a KPI perspective. They are frequently under pressure to reduce operational costs and make systems more efficient. However, they often struggle to balance enormous pen and paper reports, manpower operational issues, and unexpected expenditure on real-estate assets.

Luckily for them, we developed Proptor, the leading operations management software that provides managers the ability to take absolute charge of their operations. From manpower to asset AMCs, Proptor gives the manager the driving seat from an easy to use mobile app. Proptor gives operations teams everything they need to run better facility management operations.

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