The prevalence of facility management and operations software has made the management of large operations easier. Numerous solutions have given facility managers the ability to streamline and even enhance their operations, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. To create a strong facility management program, the operations team needs to address the following:

  • AMC and Spare Parts Inventory
    Maintenance teams tend to operate inefficiently when working in a pen-and-paper ecosystem.  Incorporating a CMMS system into your operation ranks makes it possible for managers to take charge of assets and ensure their maintenance schedules are followed to the T.
  • Say enough to the paperwork
    Using software to replace papers is one of the quickest methods of optimizing facility operations. Automatic reports and software SOPs give staff access to all the information they require, including customer inputs in real-time.
  • Better productivity across the board
    Integrating software, sensors, and human acumen makes the operation more effective, quicker to respond, and better equipped to handle emergencies. Facilities management software also offers maintenance technicians with information about the processes, tools and parts necessary to accomplish a job; hence they can work without interruption or delay.
  • Safer working environment
    Due to the automation of operations and business processes, the operations team can attain the highest safety standards possible and avoid critical malfunctions and failures. The system also helps reduce additional unexpected maintenance costs and downtime.
  • No more overtime
    By moving operations to a streamlined system, emergency repairs and tasks can be dealt with before they occur. This creates an incredible cost benefit to the process and results in a healthier customer relationship.

If you are looking to streamline your operations this year with software and technology, reach out to our experts and discover how Proptor fits all your requirements.

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