Experienced facility managers have been hardened by the piles of paperwork and spreadsheets that would accumulate on their desks every day. Digitization has been a blessing to the sector, making the business process efficient and quick. However, management software that missed the mark could very quickly turn into a frustrating ordeal. Your FM software absolutely must have these features in order to be called a successful investment:

  1. On the go employee training:
    71% of last-mile employees admit to being more and more connected with mobile learning as opposed to classroom sessions. Additionally, with COVID restrictions making facility maintenance training harder than ever, a good facility management software platform should enable you to digitally train employees in real-time.
  2. Issue communication through ticketing:
    Issues turn to penalties and penalties turn to termination of work orders. Your maintenance management software should have a dedicated mobile app that enables the creation of issue tickets that save time and foster quick action and informed decisions.
  3. The software or system should be cloud-based:
    This makes data readily available and quicker to fetch. It also makes your software solution much more user friendly and efficient. The utilisation of cloud-based software reduces errors when integrating sites spread across different geographies or usability platforms (mobile app or web-based solution).
  4. Preventive maintenance:
    Your system absolutely must be able to inform you in advance of asset data and preventive management tasks, to improve your overall asset management efficiency. This management system can help you abide by maintenance SLAs and improve your overall service.
  5. Feedback mechanism:
    On the ground teams have direct communication with their counterparts from the customer’s side, but what about the management? Your solution should be able to fetch data on customer satisfaction and provide clear reports to you at all times.
facility management software features

If your current system isn’t providing you with these must-have FM software features and capabilities, it’s time to make an informed decision to move to a better one. Luckily for you, Proptor provides you with all these abilities and many more!
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