FM Managers tend to face new challenges on a daily basis, which means they must always be at the top of their game, remain dynamic and attentive to changes. Identifying issues and overcoming them in the most effective manner remains a key element in their work.

In conversation with some of the industry’s most seasoned FM professionals, we gathered the most common challenges they face in an effort to build an effective solution that helps operations save time and money, extend the life of existing assets and improve management systems.

  1. Troubleshooting Failures
    Equipment maintenance work is part and parcel of any FM manager’s work. Being efficient in maintaining aging equipment is an increasingly demanding task that facilities managers face.

    The solution- Preventive maintenance policies backed by operations management software that centralizes data, information, reports, and AMCs can help you abide by SLAs and avoid time-consuming repair procedures.
  2. Client demands
    Clients are demanding in every industry. However, in the FM sector especially, meeting client demands tends to be a slightly more challenging task. The inability to gather feedback in an effective manner from customers can often lead to miscommunication and delayed response to requests, which may hurt your operations in the long run.

    The solution- utilizing a system that provides customer feedback in real-time, preferably through a ticketing mechanism with built-in service feedback can help you improve communication with your customers and give your customer experience rating a few more brownie points.
  3. Dealing with budget constraints
    Saving money is one of the FM manager’s biggest tasks. Constantly negotiating prices with service providers and implementing cost control processes put managers under pressure to do more in less.

    The solution- Utilizing operations management software can help you streamline the entire business and highlight areas that require improvement and attention. Identifying these weak performance areas will help save operational costs and create a calmer working environment.
  4. Improving auditing
    Pen and paper audits take way too much time and tend to cause mismatches in data. Additionally, storing audit reports becomes a hassle and requires maintenance of its own.

    The solution- A good operations management solution should provide you with the ability to carry out a wide range of audits (energy audits, staffing, HVAC systems, etc.), record data, and store it safely in the cloud.

Overcoming these challenges is easier than you think with Proptor, India’s leading operations management software. Proptor provides you with everything you need to run better facility management operations and processes from a simple to use, intuitive platform.

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