The year 2020 is (finally) winding up and we must say it has been a confusing one. The integrated facility management sector, in particular, has experienced a whirlwind of changes, with COVID 19 making operations management, and even business management, difficult and uncertain.

With offices locked down and work from home policies becoming a new reality, it seemed like facility management services were slowly becoming redundant. However, thanks to the availability of vaccines and the incredible efforts taken by corporates to keep business running at an individual level, it looks like there may still be light at the end of this tunnel.

facility management trends 2021

Here are the key facility management trends we identified for 2021:

  • Distance management- one of the most important lessons we were taught by COVID is the need to be able to manage teams remotely. The same applies to the Facility Management sector. Keeping track of operation teams and maintaining COVID precautions could prove to be more difficult than expected. Be sure to keep a tab on operating costs and find a way to track attendance and daily routines from afar.
  • Cloud- paperwork belongs to the past. Today, corporates operating in smart buildings expect their service providers to be just as smart with their service offering. Going paperless does more than make services more pleasant for your customers, it can help you steer away from painful SLA penalties.
  • Green buildings- buildings that incorporate energy-saving models into their building management systems will be a common trend in 2021. It is estimated that almost 35 million buildings will be renovated by 2030. This trend is expected to grow throughout the new year and will affect planners, builders and FM service providers.
  • Preventive maintenance- the age of post-mortem asset maintenance is long gone. Predictive maintenance policies are key to keeping systems running smooth and ensuring the long life of the real estate.

The growing demand for facilities management continues to drive demand in the integrated facilities management market. Increasing FM sourcing, as well as IFM strategy, is providing a push to the integrated facilities market.

As other sectors bounce back from COVID lockdowns, we estimate that the wheels of the FM sector will start turning and growth will be on the rise again. Proptor’s unique solution gives you all the tools you need to be in sync with the new trends of 2021. From mobile attendance to process automation, our solution gives you the ability to develop healthy work habits in a paperless, cloud-based environment.

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