We honestly believe that the facility manager may be the busiest person in the organisation. The environment he operates in is extremely complex and things tend to change in real-time. These changes give way to numerous challenges that may have simple fixes or need to be addressed by more than one party. Here are some of the common Building Maintenance challenges and their solutions. 

  1. Recording and storing data in an efficient and effective manner
    As we mentioned in our article on important features your facility software must have, FM managers are swamped with paperwork and spreadsheets. Keeping data organized is one of the most common challenges in a building’s maintenance sector. An effective solution for this is the utilization of a computerized maintenance management software that keeps track of records and can draw intelligent deep data conclusions from it.
  2. Keeping a tab on costs
    Controlling costs is one of the most important KPIs in the building management system. These costs are divided into three categories- energy costs, outsourced services and maintenance costs. These costs can be effectively monitored and optimized with the help of digitized preventive maintenance schedules that can be integrated and tracked by effective management software.
  3. Improving an asset’s shelf life
    Asset management is one of the most challenging tasks in building management and often results in a multitude of facility issues if not managed properly. To address this issue, organisations must embrace the fact that there is no more space for reactive maintenance in today’s day and age. Preventive maintenance is the way to go and integration with solutions that make it all possible is the need of the hour. 
building maintenance team

All facility managers can relate to these challenges. By making sustainable changes to the way they work and incorporating the right solutions that give them the ability to do so, they can create a win-win situation for all parties involved in the facility.
At Proptor, we offer the perfect solution to help you overcome all your building maintenance challenges with the help of a simple to use, intuitive, Cloud-based solution.

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