Green buildings, as noble and futuristic as the concept may be, are not performing as expected. The problem isn’t in technology and automation. It’s due to inefficiencies in the building’s operations and maintenance processes.

Excellent operations under the banner of facility management integrate people, processes, place, and technology to create a sustainable ecosystem. Through streamlined FM operations, the department can be an integral element in addressing inefficiencies that hamper green buildings’ performance.

FM operations are much more than they used to be before. The facility management departments’ responsibilities are divided into eight categories covering real estate, budgeting, space management, planning, interior planning, installations, architecture, engineering, and building operations.

facility manager

In the west, operations and maintenance are essential segments in FM management practices. Over the years, the scope has increased and slowly made its way into real estate development. The majority of the most profitable FM organizations have shifted from reactive maintenance to integrative FM services that utilize technological solutions to control operations. This helps them improve real estate performance, preserve their assets and give them a longer life. The practice has now been taken up by the leading players in the Asia Pacific region.

Although building FM is still a developing practice in most Asian regions, the high-tech zones in countries like India, Singapore, and Hong Kong are enjoying the best the sector can offer. FM’s method being undertaken by real-estate firms is battling the market share out with local service providers, making the adoption of new technology somewhat cumbersome.

Our experts’ research concluded that service providers who partner with a tech solution to streamline operations are most likely to be given an edge over service providers that have not in 2021.

Many challenges faced by facility management practitioners or service providers can be resolved by digitizing operations and improving efficiencies across the board. If you’d like to add the power of technology to your business strategy this year, speak to our experts.

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