Property maintenance managers are some of the busiest people in the organization and without a reliable solution that can help them sail through their day, they spend more time “fire-fighting” than actually finding ways in which to improve processes and reduce maintenance costs.

Here’s how a day without Proptor looks:

7 am
Early rise due to a machine breakdown in the middle of the night.

7.30 am

Get to work exhausted and try to diagnose the issue before calling in the technical team. Spend an hour looking through asset manuals and reports to examine what went wrong.

8.30 am

Find an old work order that shows what the last technical team did to fix this issue

8.45 am

Look through the phonebook to reach the same technician that fixed the problem the last time.

10 am

The technician arrives and begins repairing the machine. While he is busy with that, you get on with the rest of the morning routine, agitated and annoyed by this entire ordeal. You notice light bulbs that need to be replaced and ac units that make noise.

12 pm

The technician finished his work and the machine is working again. You sit to create a report of what happened. You realize the technician did not write which components he replaced so you try to catch him and find out what components he used from the inventory.

3 pm

You step out for a round of the property and realize you forgot to create a service ticket for the light bulb replacements and ac check.

5 pm

The day is done. You make note of your tasks for tomorrow and pray for a quiet night.

Here’s the same day with Proptor:

8 am

You wake up and check today’s work orders from the comfort of your bed on your mobile device. You take a look at the reports and breathe easy when you get the morning’s technician attendance report.

9 am

You arrive at the office and step out for your round. You create quick tasks from your mobile app for any elements you find out of place.

10 am

One of the air conditioners breaks down. You pull out the asset’s historical data and implement the action plan to fix the situation. All maintenance history is available at your disposal so you know exactly what needs to be done.

11 am

The air conditioner is now fixed. You record the details and add it to the asset’s historical dataset.

12 pm

You receive customer feedback on the app. You assign the task to one of your team members and provide the customer feedback on the spot.

1230 pm

Your technician marks the task complete and your client provides submits a big smiley as feedback on the action taken.

2 pm

The top management wants to get an assessment of the property’s energy consumption. You generate a historical and updated report at the click of a button and submit it to the management. You go on with your day, attending various meetings and exploring areas of improvement.

5 pm

You wind up for the day after reviewing a daily summary of today’s events.

Both these scenarios provide a clear insight on the benefit of utilizing an efficient, cloud based, paperless operation management system.

Schedule your Proptor demo today and introduce a stress-free environment in your organization.

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